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Peaking Lights - 'Cosmic Logic' Cover

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Cosmic Logic

Release-Date: 06.10.2014
Label: Weird World Records

01. Infinite Trips
02. Telephone Call
03. Hypnotic Hustle
04. Everyone And Us
05. Little Light
06. Dreamquest
07. Eyes To Sea
08. Bad With The Good
09. New Grrrls
10. Breakdown
11. Tell Me Your Song

NBHAP Rating: 4/5


Family Influence

The ultimate married synth-pop duo is back, now with a new baby in town. Their third full-length album demonstrates a maturing and growing confidence in their own sound. Opening the album with a drum-heavy intro, the pair immediately hark back to 90s rock’s venture into a post-punk genre. From the beginning of the record, the synth, still an ubiquitous part of their sound, has slotted in more melodically than ever before.

Fusion of Sound

While their new album keeps its roots in their early poppy electronic tunes, with psychedelic lyrics and powerful keyboard harmonies, their sound has developed and moved away from their influences such as FREEZEPOP and BLOUSE. Being a more lyric-heavy album than Lucifer, Cosmic Logic employs vocals as another level with which to establish its melodies. The effect is a unique creation of Dunis’ voice fused into the songs’ instrumentals.

Mellow Melodies remain still psychedelic

The album cover’s tumbling waterfall around a multi-coloured landscape could be seen as a scene of destruction or life-giving spirit. This layering of meaning and emotion is carried over into the songs of the duo’s new album. Fusing brooding lyrics and a melodic keyboard with their signature overlaying of synth beat creates a fascinating combination singular to this pair. As PEAKING LIGHTS find new experiences, be them on live tours or child raising, their music will continue to mature and individualize.

Already an engaging combination of pop and experimentation, PEAKING LIGHTS’ ‘Cosmic Logic’ irons out their need to sometimes return to type, creating a truly unique sound.