plankton waves - songs of endings - ep cover


1. Warriors
2. Chtulhu
3. Out here
4. I should love her
5. World’s end

PLANKTON WAVES released their new EP Songs Of Endings and I am asking myself two questions: first, what makes people playing dark music. And second, what makes people like me loving dark music so much? There is so much good-mood-music these days. Entertainment music that makes people just forgetting everything, making them dance and having a good time. But on the other hand there are also acts like ROSEMARY, FEVER RAY, PLANKTON WAVES and many more who focus on emotions that many people don’t want to be confronted with. In my very personal opinion it is more than important to – at least sometimes – focus on difficult things to understand what’s going on in one’s very own life. Or am I just thinking like this because of the fact that my parents always teached me to think about literally everything very intensively?

However, PLANKTON WAVES‘ new EP, Songs Of Endings, got me. A record that is both dark and hypnotic. It is one that mixes the coldness of wave music with the emotions of 80s and 90s electronic dance pop. Over the last years, the Luxembourg-based electropop/synthpop duo consisting of Natalie Pickar and Michel Flammant worked with a lot of musicians but finally decided to work together and to bring their own musical vision to life. Synths, vintage beats and drums combined with melancholic and/or dark lyrics, this is what the Songs Of Endings sound like. This is what you probably will fall in love with, too.

PLANKTON WAVES‘ song “Warriors” from “Songs Of Endings”

Now and then Songs Of Endings might remind a bit too much of FEVER RAY, but still it is an EP that has to be heard by people who are into “difficult music” that is calling for emotionality, melancholy and maybe even sadness. Stream Songs Of Endings right here: