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Last week we stumbled upon Evan Briggs’ project Present Perfect and we instantly fell in love with the idea of it. A week later, here we are, presenting you this kickstarter campaign that caught our eye. Can a nursing home and a nursery school be under the same roof? What’s the connection point between these two generations? Where does the growing up meets with the growing old?

We had the chance to talk with Evan about her film. How did she come up with this idea? How was the filming process? Present Perfect was filmed at the Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement home in Seattle, WA, also home to the Intergenerational Learning Center, over the course of the 2012-2013 school year. Currently, they’re reaching to people for financial support to help them complete the edit. Read the interview below, watch the trailer of the film and if you’re convinced by the topic and the attempt, you should contribute to get Present Perfect in the theaters. There are eight more days to go for this campaign! Here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, we fully support this project and we’re very much looking forward to watch the final cut.

How did you pick this really sensitive topic?

Evan Briggs: I was interested in exploring the topic of aging in America and the ways in which modern society has cast out our elders.

What was the feedback you received from the stars of your film? How did the two sides experience this get­ together?

Evan Briggs: Intergenerational relationships benefit both the young and the old – they are able to help each other do things that typically would require assistance from another adult, the elderly feel like they have a purpose and enjoy the energy of the children who love them unconditionally and the young have the benefit of learning life lessons from the old and learning to be more accepting of people of all ages with disabilities of any type.

From your experience and after have been there to explore this generation “gap” bridging over sharing and interacting, what’s the message/s to deliver to the viewer of your film?

Evan Briggs: The main message I hope to get across is that our elders could and should have a role to play in modern society. They have many years of valuable wisdom to impart and it is important, for all of us, that they be included. The benefits likely will extend into many and different realms- including health care and education to name a few.

I’ve been told from my family that my birth helped my grandpa to feel alive again. What is it that makes this bond between the children and the elderly so special and strong? Is it the energy and the innocence of the children? Is it the wisdom of the silver ­haired?

Evan Briggs: I think the circle of life is a very important part of the human experience and in modern society we seem to have lost that. Life is no longer a circle but a line, and at a certain point the line drops off and we all feel that dysfunction, whether or not we can pinpoint its root cause. So I think bringing old and young together helps to re-establish that lost connection and helps to feed our innate need for that kind of community.

What’s your wish for this project?

Evan Briggs: The concept of intergenerational learning is not new. It’s been around for decades, but, at least in the US, it has never caught on. I’m hoping with this film to raise awareness not only around this model so that it can be replicated all over, but also to remind us of the importance of reaching out and forming meaningful relationships with people of different generations- whether that’s your neighbor, a relative or just someone you may meet on the street. I would love to see a more generationally integrated world, and I love to imagine the positive ripple effect that could have for us all!

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All photos courtesy of Evan Briggs. If you want to support the film, you can do it via kickstarter.