r.roo - exist - album cover 2013


1. pustota
2. strange. today. again
3. Schultz 1648
4. source of evening impermanence
5. empty dreams
6. fatale (with Sij)
7. ne nado, ne trogaite menya
8. exist. part 1
9. until
10. I am you
11. source of night impermanence
12. time after time. item after item.
13. the man of the crowd
14. harbor (with EyeScream)
15. exist part 2
16. don’t forget to breathe
17. r-room #3
18. after 22
19. when I feel your presence (with Erissoma)

Within the last years R.ROO definitely became of of the leading acts within the IDM music scene. And also one of my personal favorite acts. The emerging young talent from Kyiv (Ukraine), proved his skills for combining beauty and beats with clever sound experimentations. Not even one year ago he released his album Mgnovenie on Tympanik Audio, now he is back with his new masterpiece Exist on Abstrakt Reflections. But this is not R.ROO‘s only album this fall, since another new album by him – titled Innerheaven, was just announced. Innerheaven will be released in fall via Tympanik Audio. What a massive creative output this young guy has. And how genious he is as Exist shows again.

Images enshroud with vague and seem to recall something. In certain occasions, in this organic life, in exhibits presented for the blind there are together serenity and anxiety, craving for shattered and for holistic, attraction to warm and avoiding of cold. In all of this, there is something in common, something throbbing, something that comes from the ultimate understanding of stunned mind. Exist is an album that will carry you far away into a world that feels somehow surreal, post-modern and at the same time eschatonical. A world in which memories, past or subsequent, are yours and others’ at the same time. What actually goes after what? The first image is connected with the last, even if you throw out all the other. A world in which you realize that existence generates a sequence of every fragment and its infinitely versatile connection with everything.

With Exist R.ROO recorded an album that can only be called “perfect”. No other word would describe these amazing soundscapes and this perfect mix of classical and electronic musical components. Enjoy the journey to the grounds of your own existence.