Photo by Anna Nørager

On March 1st RANGLEKLODS played an exclusive Germany show at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin. We met the humble man from Denmark at last year’s SPOT Festival for the very first time. There he told that “right now I have RANGLEKLODS in my brain all the time, that’s what I do. So “hope” right now is the hope of also finding an audience in Germany – because it’s my primary target right now…” (read the entire interview here). Now, about ten months later, he filled the Festsaal. If there is one thing that is for sure: he found an audience in Germany. And this audience loves RANGLEKLODS.

We arrived when the support act ROUGH DAYS FOR DIAMOND TRADE started. A wonderful set that created a stunning and cinematic atmosphere. No doubt that this act has everything that is needed to achive big things. Atmospheric music right to sink in deeply.

When RANGLEKLODS entered the stage people were expecting something special. And they got something special. When we saw RANGLEKLODS at SPOT Festival they were two people on the stage. Same at Reeperbahn Festival in September and Eurosonic Noorderslag in January. Now they grew to a trio. And this is what makes RANGLEKLODS even more special than ever before. Although it seems quite hard for Esben, the frontman, to decide at some points if he wants to be a dj or a singer, he perfectly manages to do both a the same time. As he sings in the song Clouds: “I told you I was nothing but a heartbeat”. This night felt like a wonderful heartbeat. And could there be a better beat to dance to? Certainly not.

Watch out for RANGLEKLODS. They’ll be huge soon! At least this is what they proved at Festsaal Kreuzberg. They go higher and higher these days and probably will play the big festival stages late at night this year.