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Straitjacket - Artwork

NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5


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Release-Date: 18.05.2015
Label: Tambourhinoceros

01. Lost U
02. Schoolgirls
03. Broke
04. Degeneration
05. Forgive
06. Warrior
07. Dry Me Out
08. Tricks
09. Happy In The Gutter
10. Straitjacket
11. Nerves





The record may be entitled Straitjacket but Danish duo RANGLEKLODS prove they are anything but restrained. Following up their debut, Beekeeper, the pair curate a journey incorporating the highlights of many genres from jazz to house. They bring androgyny cool with a suave edge to the indie scene. Straitjacket will leave you confused and content.

A wonderful trip-hop utopia with a dashing of 1990s inspired house beats. Describing the record as ‘pitched down girl from a VHS documentary on the UK Rave Scene from the early 90s’, few bands not only accurately materalise their vision but have so many stand alone hits on a follow up record. It is plain to see that RANGLEKLODS encapsulate that 1990s cutting edge.

Each track is a snapshot blending in a mix of genres and styles to create a musical tapestry. A track like broke is a cross of a funk ridden BLOC PARTY chord juxtaposed with the everlasting musical spirit of IAN CURTIS. JOY DIVISION are an apt comparison for RANGLEKLODS’ vibe, they live the foreboding drone nature of the band. Yet their sound is equally far from the typical JOY DIVISION sounds, as they incorporate cheerful jazz beats within this dark background. Each track is a different dark yet beautiful lullaby. happy in the gutter has a slowed down beat with a sweet rhythmic sound. The kind of track that plays in the middle of a big club night that keeps you clinging until the morning. Destined to be played throughout the summer in large European clubs, the Scandivian duo have a real ‘Europe’ vibe.

Rangleklods - Presse 2015

There is not a track on the Danish band’s second record that is not killer. It’s a constant climax from first track and single lost U to the last enduring beat of nerves. It is a constant climb. That is not to suggest this is a feel good record. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is enduring and dark. The vocal range of the pair range from the COCTEAU TWINS sweet feminine to the long lasting and deep FORMER GHOSTS sound in the masculine vocal. It is a dodecahedron of sound, many faceted and many gendered. With hints of New York 1980s cool and deep jazz beats,forgive is a personal highlight. Deep yet soft vocals layer over a background of party beats. A track that justifiably will be played on rooftop parties and summer get togethers all over the continent this summer.

The lack of capitalization of the track titles suggest they are working progress, open to thought and artistic movement. Not a full stop on the tracks, just a thought, a whisper of knowledge. It matches their unsure sound, a wander through consciousness, where there is no end in sight. Floating through the open universe. RANGLEKLODS are the breakthrough act of the summer. Straitjacket is available everywhere now. Unrestrained.

RANGLEKLODS ‘Straitjacket’ is a journey incorporating the highlights of many genres from jazz to house – it will leave you confused but content.