Photo by Grant Cornett

Photo by Grant Cornett

In case you haven’t noticed it: Dave Konopka, Ian Williams and John Stanier might me one of contemporary music’s most vital and exciting acts these days. BATTLES are like an organic machine, one that is especially joyful and entertaining when it is experienced live. The band is currently on a big European tour, showcasing the brilliant craziness of last year’s La Di Da Di album and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION highly recommends a visit of these gigs. And if you need more convincing please find six arguments right here.

Reason #1: Battles are one of the most intelligent and experimental rock outfits at the moment.

A wild mixture of math rock, sampling and post rock brings a complex expierience live as well as heard at home on your stereo. Last year the guys of number one digital audio workstation Abelton live produced this nice little feature showing the band’s quite interesting workflow as well as some rare studio takes.

Reason #2: Their discography is stunning

The band just re-released their back catalog this year via famous WARP label. Albums come with the original deluxe packaging, their debut EP even is released on vinyl for the first time. Perfect timing for any new BATTLES fan, right? You can find our more about the reissues right here.

Celebrating these re-rleases, their immortal video for the single Atlas also got a newly HD remastering treatment.

Reason #3 Battles got pop… in a good way

Between all that highly experimental, tricky, noisy math rock stuff this guys got the balls to release simple true blue pop song. Ice-cream featured Chilean-born and German-raised singer and electronic producer Matias Aguayo on vocals.

#4 Battles make you fresh orange juice.

Or at least they did it in their fabulous video for the single The Yabba … On of the best music videos in 2015, where you can watch the band playing enthusiastic live performance in an all black dressed crowd that reminded us barely on PAPA ROACH’s famous Last Resort video from the near Millennium’s Nu-Metal-Boom.

#5 They are a live revelation

Currently the Brooklyn-based band is playing all over Europe. We can especially recommend their upcoming Berlin show which is supported by swedish experimental electronica and ambient producer THE FIELD, one of Kompakt Records finest. Time to dig out this sparkling remix once again…

#6 Battles definitely got the highest cymbal in town.