Indie Treasures


4AD sessions are always quite nice and the one of Scottish indie pop band CAMERA OBSCURA is no exception. There are only 250 copies of the 4-track 7” EP that includes their beautiful ballad Fifth In Line To The Throne. All the songs are from CAMERA OBSCURA‘s lovely 2013 album Desire Lines.

SKY FERREIRA – Night Time, My Time Picture Disc

SKY FERREIRA is quite a character. She might also be a model but fortunately more one of the I-don’t-give-a-shit Kate Moss kind. On RECORD STORE DAY she will be relasing a 12” Picture Disc of her debut studio album Night Time, My Time. Her synthpop / indie rock music is as changeable as the singer herself. If you don’t know her until now, RECORD STORE DAY is the right opportunity.

VILLAGERS – Occupy Your Mind

Two Mercury Prize nominations mean something so make sure to grab a copy of VILLAGERS new indie folk gem Occupy Your Mind on RECORD STORE DAY. But hurry – there are only 350.

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