Pop-cultural fun fact, girls and boys. Did you know that modern remixing has its roots in the dance hall culture of late-1960s/early-1970 Jamaica? At least that’s what Wikipedia claims and it might also explain where the whole idea of ‘dub versions’ comes from. The purpose of the remix itself can be quite different from occasion to occasion. Quite often in the past three decades it had beeen created to make certain tracks specifically work on the dancefloor. From the good old 1980s extended mix to the bouncing but often shallow EDM four-to-the-floor reworks of recent times – a remix isn’t always a remix. Sometimes it is more creative, somtimes less.

If you look past those pretty standarized concepts of a remix, there are plenty of inspiring and adventurous alternative versions of familiar tracks that might surprise you. And since we at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION are always keen on finding the best music for you and surprise you from time to time we thought:

Why not compiling the best and most creative reworks we can think of?

Easier said than done. It’s time for a brand new playlist on our beloved Spotify profile: Remix This!, a selection of stunning remixes from the past years, including a lot of your favourites like FOALS, EDITORS, EFTERKLANG, FOUR TET, NICOLAS JAAR and many, many more. Follow, discover and experience the possibilities of remix art right here.

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