NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s ‘What’s Your Sound?’ gives young and unsigned artists to present their sound and artistic vision to a bigger audience in order to gain them more attention. This time we have REST NOW, PAUL from Berlin on board who present us five minutes of gloomy doom pop for all fans of music in thee style of ESBEN AND THE WITCH.

We’re REST NOW, PAUL – a Berlin-based Band dwelving into the realms of doom-laden pop.

Some of our music and lyrics are inspired by our dreams, and  – more often – nightmares: The theme for Drained came up in a dream, during a stressful time in college when personal life wouldn’t be all that easier.

It was about having to get to a secret underground place, where a professor would be waiting for a final exam. On the way to that place, there would be fangs flying through the air, literally draining blood.

The intensity of this dream stuck, for being drained – having obligations to others – is something that always seems to happen in our lives.

Our working life, our relationships, our families and even ourselves seem always to demand something, never letting us run free.

In the intro for Drained, there are these whispering voices, reciting passages from  Karl Marx, Georges Batailles and Wilhelm Busch, each representing a possible demand in our lives. The whispers create the background of our lives, setting the tone for Drained.

Want to participate in ‘What’s Your Sound’ as well?

Please read and accept the following rules before taking part in this

  • Please make this about one relatively new song/ video that represents you best and fits to the style NBHAP
  • Don’t copy and paste an uninspired press text; instead please tell us a bit about yourself and your passion
  • Don’t write a novel, 200 words should be enough
  • Please copy links to Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Bandcamp to show us your music
  • Use a valid mail address under which we can contact you in case you need support.