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Saint Saviour - 'In The Seams'

[one_half last=”yes”]SAINT SAVIOUR
In The Seams

Release-Date: 04.11.2014
Label: Surface Area

01. Intro (Sorry)
02. Let It Go
03. Intravenous
04. Sad Kid
05. Bang
06. I Remember
07. Nobody Died
08. Craster
09. Devotion
10. A Word
11. James
12. St. Malo

NBHAP Rating: 4/5



Becky Jones is the powerful woman who impersonates SAINT SAVIOUR. In the past she’s been pretty busy experimenting with electronic and new wave music; being part of THE RGBs and GROOVE ARMADA. Being on her own, she has found a new path to wander: the one of the lovely singer-songwriter spirit. Her songs sound like the soundtrack to a visually quite impressive film. Her lyrics tell stories; pure and melodic tales. Her sensitive voice embraces us and she succeeds in transferring very human emotions. All we have to do is listen and let the music take over. And let’s face it, that is why we listen to such music in the first place.

Vulnerable and powerful

Jones’ soft and emotional voice contributes to the power her songs embody. ‘Run away with me’, she sings in Let it Go and we do so gladly. Every lyric and every note are written to take you to a dreamy land. It doesn’t have to be a land far away, it can be your own little world. That is what makes SAINT SAVIOUR so intriguing; it seems as if she brings life a bit closer to us.

The beat and the melody

In The Seams carries 12 songs of the true singer-songerwriter style. Still, Mrs. Jones manages to bring a lovely mix of both the melodic, endearing songs as the upbeat and dynamic tracks. She also collaborated with the Manchester Camerata Chamber Orchestra which gives In The Seams and extra edgy side. SAINT SAVIOUR brings us an album that has more than just one dimension; she stays clear of the classical singer-songwriter concept many get lost in and delivers a very tight second solo album.

 With her new album ‘In The Seams’ SAINT SAVIOUR shows vulnerability in a very intense and solid way.