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Sandra Kolstad - 'Zero Gravity State of Mind' - Cover

[one_half last=”yes”]SANDRA KOLSTAD
Zero Gravity State of Mind

Release-Date: 06.10.2014
Label: Red Eye Transit

01. Ice Age
02. My Yellow Heart
03. Reason
04. Zero Gravity State of Mind
05. Rooms
06. Earthquake
07. Benjamin
08. Million
09. Moon
10. Valerie
11. Roots

NBHAP Rating: 4,5/5


In 2009, SANDRA KOLSTAD got the attention of indie enthusiasts with two elements: her debut EP All That We Are, and the fact that she produces her own songs. Even till today, it is rare for women to be involved in electronic music, let alone being involved in the production process.

KOLSTAD joins the ranks of women who are slowly but powerfully eradicating that glass ceiling of gender. With the influence of sparkling synth melodies and danceable bass-lines coupled with stunning visuals, she captivates the listener and proves that women could be masters of hardware and equipment as well.

With All That We Are being an extremely organic album, KOLSTAD surprised many of her listeners by progressing on to electropop in her subsequent two albums, Crux and (Nothing Lasts) Forever. The transition was far from disappointing – Zero Gravity State Of Mind marks a triumphant zenith in the singer’s foray into electro.

Intro track Ice Age reminds us of KOLSTAD’s roots with a gentle piano based melody, and then continues with a glissando into the title track, which is both visually and aurally pleasing with murmuring arpeggios and SANDRA KOLSTAD’s gentle yet juxtaposed movements in the music video. Million, with its tinkling chromatic chords and a funky guitar accompaniment, would make even the laziest person dance. The album ends just as it started – with a piano based crescendo in the form of the aptly named Roots, which leaves the listener in an unequivocally happy mood. And just to let you all take part in that joyful journey NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is giving you an exclusive stream of the record below.

SANDRA KOLSTAD’s third offering introduces the listener to a variety of possibilities that could be achieved with hardware and technology, without compromising the rawness of organic instruments.