SebastienTellier Concfection Album Cover


1. Adieu
2. Coco
3. L’amour Naissant
4. Adieu Mes Amours
5. Hypnose
6. Waltz
7. Adieu Comme Un Jeu
8. Delta Romantica
9. Curiosa
10. L’amour Naissant II
11. Coco Et Le Labyrinthe
12. L’amour Naissant III
13. Curiosa ii
14. Le Delta Des Amours



This sweet soundtrack plays like a movie score which decorates your favorite scenes, but unlike most love stories, Confection begins with a goodbye. SÉBASTIEN TELLIER is known for his sensual lyrics and synth pop disco songs most notably heard on his 2008 album, Sexuality. His 2012 venture with My God is Blue peppered his electronic foundation with acoustic sounds. His progression from album to album has been an honest one, never releasing a compilation that seems out of place or stiff. Confection is a sophisticated synthesis of these two projects, creating a smooth and lyrical album ripe for a twilight listen.

Adieu quickly fades into Coco, which bleeds into L’amour Naissant, the album’s beating core. Tender and despondent, SÉBASTIEN TELLIER cries, “It’s beautiful, I know, young love—I dreamed, yet…” accompanied by a piano drum ballad. A set of dramatic strings break upon the shore while the lyrics float lazily above them. L’amour Naissant is a song you didn’t know you needed until you’ve digested it. So achingly simple, it is the score you have felt but never composed. SÉBASTIEN TELLIER provides three covers of L’amour Naissant, three different versions of his young love story. Or, perhaps it represents alternative endings to the same beginning.

The track titles off of Confection lead one to believe that they have heard this story before, but the tracks dance coyly in front of you, changing ones path as you walk dutifully behind them. Some step harshly, others are gentle, but they all waltz together heightening their own individual beauty into something much grander. It is almost like a walk through a museum. Curators place works of art in a way which flows with the movements of the visitor. Maybe in chronological order, often times specific art periods but it is always deliberate. Every track carries its own emotion but it is only when the listener steps back and views Confection as a whole does it truly ring within you.

Love is common theme, some may call it cliché but SÉBASTIEN TELLIER’s treatment of this topic feels new. Is this album focused on the dénouement or of new beginnings? Whichever answer you pin to it, this still remains a beautiful and expansive sigh.