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Nurture - Cover

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Release-Date: 27.02.2015
Four Music
01. Clam
02. I May Have Lied To You
03. Baggage Man
04. Timesick
05. Scooter Accident
06. Untitled
07. Slightly
08. Slender Gender
09. You And I
10. How Much For This

NBHAP Rating: 4,2/5[/one_half]

Three-piece-band vs. orchestra

Two years lay between the release of SIZARRs debut Psycho Boy Happy and their second record Nurture. Enough time for the German boys to decide whether they would stick to their former sound or would break out in a new direction. But it seems like they didn’t really decide between these two opportunities: the result is a mixture of both. As Philipp Hüsenbeck told us, they didn’t want to their music to sound like an orchestra anymore, but rather as instrument-based music that comes from a three-piece-band. SIZARR only succeeded fifty percent, about half of the tracks sound more like the old trio (the best example is Scooter Accident) and the other half reflects their intention (Clam or I May Have Lied To You).

Subliminal sadness

Although some tracks appear to be happier ones ( Slender Gender or Baggage Man), there is a subliminal sadness occupying the whole record. Frontman Fabian sings lines like: ‘It was much easier to say/ than to really do/ oh I may have lied to you‘ (I May Have Lied To You) or ‘I tried to look at it in a romantic way/ But I just failed terribly‘ (Untitled) with his unique, endearing voice and combines it with quite catchy melodies which nevertheless imply gloomy undertones.

International Approach

SIZARR want everything else than sound like a German band. Only the German words, which sometimes appear on Nurture (‘Leave my head in zwei’ – Clam, ‘Oh Zweisamkeit/ I am the baggage man‘- Baggage Man) are signs of their origin. The music combines captivating sound-faces with influences from many genres like R&B, indie, pop and soul and is very well produced – an overall package which we normally know from American or English bands.

‘Nurture’, SIZARR’s second LP combines elements of their former, orchestral sound with new, more restrained tones which make them more appear like an instrumental band.