Sizarr - Photo by Klein & West

Photo by Klein & West

SIZARR – that’s three young men from the south of Germany – are ready to finally climb into the limelight. After changing their sound with their second album Nurture, traveling around the world writing new songs in the Red Bull Studios in Paris, London, New York and Berlin for their new EP Nurture – Studios Tour Edition (out on the 20.11.), the guys have also been preparing to go on tour end of November.

With so much to do, what’s better than just to chill out sometimes? The electronic trio have decided to share exclusively with NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION a neat little collection of music that puts them in a good mood and keeps them motivated. Here’s what they have to say about it and please feel happily invited to stream the diversified SIZARR selection below.

‘Here just a small selection of songs that we listen to at home right now. Some of the songs we have been listening to for a long time and a few other songs have just been released. Have fun with the songs that make us happy at the moment.’