SLIM LORISFuture Echoes and Past Replays

1. Fear of Flying
2. Head on the Floor
3. Domestic
4. While I Breathe
5. In Silence
6. Visions of Tomorrow
7. I Will Forget
8. Clean as a Whistle
12.October in White


Starting out in 2009, Mattias Cederstam, Jonas Ellenberg and Leon Lindstrom, forming the group SLIM LORIS, have gained a respectful reputation for blending indie rock, pop, Americana with a hint of Swedish melancholy.

The Swedish trio released their debut album, Down to Earth in 2011, in which Billboard Discoveries said:  ‘What SLIM LORIS accomplished on their full length, Down to Earth, is a sombre turn to the usually poppy sound of the 60’s British invasion. Down to Earth kept on receiving praise as score the album 8.7/10 and said: ‘SLIM LORIS cuts nothing less than a shambling masterpiece.’

Now armed with such high recognition, SLIM LORIS are releasing their second album, Future Echoes and Past Replays on 19 May. This emotionally-charged album shows a more mature and vulnerable side to the band – and this evident in the heartfelt While I Breathe and Americana-inspired duet Domestic. The relatable mellow production is about a couple undeniable love for each other, despite the flaws that floods the relationship.

Before reaching to these real emotionally-charged productions, Future Echoes and Past Replays, kicks off with the  racy 80’s-inspired indie rock Fear of Flying and the catchy and laid back Head on the Floor and the feet-tapping Visions of Tomorrow. But they do not compare to the stars song of the album: In Silence and Awakening. With In Silence, frontman Cederstam’s high-pitched but mellow vocals pulls together a truly heart-wrenching arrangement. In the cry-for-help Awakening, Cederstam’s vocals switch to desperation as he pleads:

I will follow you whenever/To call for me, despite of my fears/I will leave this broken creature far behind and go/ Just help me carry my metal load/I pray for in order to be made whole again  – an absolute masterpiece.

Future Echoes and Past Replays is an album that definitely grows on you. I have to admit when I listen to the album for the first time, I didn’t think much of it. Listened to it for the second time, it crept up to me. The words just pour out with raw emotion, which makes Future Echoes and Past Replays is worthy album indeed.