slow earth - 2013 - latitude and 023 - album cover

SLOW EARTHLatitude and 023

1. Identify
2. Self-Formed Intro
3. Self-Formed
4. My Pride
5. Change Nothing (Bonus Track)

SLOW EARTH is a band that was formed in 2009 and comes from industrial city in Eastern Europe. Their debut EP Latitude and 023 was released on May 6th 2013 by the band itself. “And that fact helps to write independent, non-commercial music”, SLOW EARTH state. The EP’s opening song, Identiy was played massively by European radio stations and quickly got thousands of plays on Soundcloud. Latitude and 023 was recorded at Prague’s Faust Records Studio and was mixed and post-produced by Dan Leffler (U2, MUSE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) in Los Angeles, USA. But besides the music, also the visual side was and is very important to SLOW EARTH. So they contacted legendary Storm Thorgerson who did the artwork for their EP (the graphic designer who shortly died did some of the most famous PINK FLOYD cover designs). Now that Latitude and 023 is released SLOW EARTH prepare to tour Europe and the UK.

It is an album that holds a special mood. A mood that is dreamy, laid-back and last but not least calming. So if you are searching for a place to hide, Latitude and 023 is the right place for you. It is SLOW EARTH who will probably make your perfect day.

Latitude and 023 is located somewhere between alternative rock, experimental rock, shoegaze and dream pop and reminds sometimes a bit too much of bands like COLDPLAY, OASIS and THE VERVE. But the refreshing about this is that SLOW EARTH don’t sound like a copy of one of the bands, but like a (very good) mixture of all of them. A very strong release by a band that could make it big within the next years if they manage to create their very own and unique sound with their next record which hopefully will be out in the near future.