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Slow Magic - 'How To Run Away' Cover

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How To Run Away

Release-Date: 09.09.2014
Label: Downtown Records

01. Still Life
02. Girls
03. Waited 4 U
04. Hold Still
05. Youth Group
06. Let U Go
07. Manhattan
08. On Yr Side
09. Bear Dance
10. Closer

NBHAP Rating: 3/5


Aid to orientation

If you want to get lost in a transcendental atmosphere, then these ten tracks are the appropriate means to escape your current state of mind. Restlessness, dreamscapes and disarrangement are the key terms.

In search of earworms…

It doesn’t have the capability of its predecessor to fill your ears with haunting melodies a la Corvette Cassette. However, Bear Dance or Youth Group have a certain recognition value.

Where is this journey going?

Two years is quite a time frame to develop one’s style further. The mysteriousness of his sound adds some special flavor to electro music and is hopefully going to be maintained.

On ‘How To Run Away’, SLOW MAGiC delivers a bewildering soundtrack to the last days of summer, just as if his mysterious mask was his decisive power.