2014 is in its final stages and what a great year it was for music again, right? Well, at least for those who looked a bit closer offside the mainstream. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION recently already provided the annual staff list with the favourite albums and tracks of our editors. We also took a look back on fourteen remarkable music videos of the past months. And right here, we basically just let the music do the talking. It’s about time to recap the songs of 2014. The music that carried us through the past months, that stick by our side whether we where in the mood for happy dancing or introspective crying.

These 30 tracks were prominently featured throughout 2014 on our page. From the inescapable Seasons by FUTURE ISLANDS to the wonderful comeback single of Swedish indie legends TIGER LOU. We joined SIA for a swing from the Chandelier, travelled to Columbia with SIN COS TAN, cursed with British newcomers SLEAFORD MODS or entered the melancholic Palace of THE ANTLERS. For the good times and the bad – this is the sound of 2014. Enjoy our little playlist right here.