Splash! Festival 2013 photo by imageagency.com

Basically it seems almost impossible to put the unbelievable atmosphere of the 16. SPLASH! FESTIVAL in words. But since we make it our’s buisness to spread the beauty into the world, we want to try it by all means.This year’s SPLASH! not only unified whole generations but also thousands of music enthusiasts. Besides real Hip Hop Legends there was an endless coming and going of fresh newcomers who left the audience truly wide-eyed. By the 16. Line-up the organizers succeeded in presenting a delicious profile of the whole Hip Hop scene in front of the unique setting of huge metallic cranes in Ferropolis.

Kendrik Lamar photo by Robert Winter

KENDRIK LAMAR – Photo by Robert Winter

Thanks to the perfect organisation the journey as well as the orientation on the site passed off in a very relaxed way. The winner of the VTB Splash!Edition named PERSTEASY sounded the bell for the sold out SPLASH! FESTIVAL 2013 on Thursday. Afterwards it was KENDRICK LAMAR’s turn to point out why exactly his album Good Kid, M.a.a.d. City rank among the best. Without fuss or quibble.

The second day continued on the same level. The doors of the festival area opened around 3 pm and besides the Beatbox- Battle, acts like OK KID and one of the few female artists IGGY AZALEA warmed up the audience. GENETIKK draped thousands of faces in masks in order to film some scenes for their new video during their performance. It was hardly surprising that the Samoa Stage was bursting at the seams. Nonetheless A TRIBE CALLED QUEST definitively owned the night. It was the first time after 15 world too long years that they performed on an European stage. And without any doubt- the waiting was worth it. Every track guaranteed goose pumps.

Subsequently, MARTERIA gave proof that the SPLASH! FESTIVAL is like his home from home. He raised the roof and slipped into his Alter-Ego MARSIMOTO for a few tracks. For all those, who had some reserves left after these incredible shows, could dance into the rest of the night to the sounds of EVIAN CHRIST, who worked quite recently on the new album of KANYE WEST, too.

Reserves were highly in demand on Saturday because the sun allowed only some hours for regeneration. And from 4pm one terrific act chased the other. MEGALOH caused for real emotion and demonstrated his love for Hip Hop by perfomring his recent album „Endlich Unendlich“ ( in English: finally unlimited). THE UNDERACHIEVERS were responsible for one of the best shows which was much influenced by fraternity. With this in mind it was not surprising that they also joined the show of JOEY BADA$$ after their show. These gusy definitely understand how to set the roof on fire.

Later on also A$AP ROCKY invited the young talented BADA$$ and ACTION BRONSON to join him on stage. As you can see the rappers from New York were thick as thieves. Following this, TYLER, THE CREATOR caused for an energetic demolition of the main stage. The power of his voice and the heaviness of his beats were just too brilliant for words. Immediately afterwards A$AP ROCKY finally bulldozed the remains of the stage.

CASPER – Photo by Robert Winter

At this point we want to declare compliments to the organizers of this year’s SPLASH! FESTIVAL – the sound was just epic. Around 11pm CASPER entered the main stage with a lot of special effects and honest gratefulness for being a headliner this year. A historic moment was the revelation of the cover and the release date of his upcoming album Hinterland on 27th of September.

The third and last day started after a short rest with deep lyrics and impressive realness of German rapper CURSE. At least since the performance of his song “was ist jetzt?” (in English : what now?) there was not a dry eye left and even the toughest guys were throw out off their emotional balance.

KRS ONE did not leave much room for tears but he stirred Hip Hop lover’s blood. Responsible for Soul was the pleasant JOHN LEGEND. He spread a lot of love and let the audience move closer together. Contiguous to the main stage things were much more brute. WACKA FLOCKA FLAME and his crew were the live- surprise and killed everything with their dirty sound. Completely breathless and speechless the crowd moved to the main stage to wait for the last MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS show in Europe this summer. One year ago the duo laid the foundation for their stellar career in Ferropolis on the 15. SPLASH! FESTIVAL. Besides the best known hits Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop, they called for equality and left a lasting impression with less fancy lyrics. For all those, who did not want to go back to normal that soon could take it to the floor a last time to the sound of JUST BLAZE and the beat pioneer FLUME.

This year’s SPLASH! FESTIVAL 2013 won us all over and we can’t wait for 2014!