Nessi - Photo by Bella Lieberberg

Photo by Bella Lieberberg

Getting started as new act is always a tough and difficult part of every career; maybe even the toughest one. Berlin-based newcomer NESSI is no exception to the rule but she’s a tough fighter. You might remember the catchy Rolling With The Punches about which NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION reported back in 2015. Following the release of her debut full-length by the same name the charismatic woman with the powerful voice continues to walk her way by her own rules.

The folks from Volkswagen Garage Sound sat down with NESSI to discuss all the aspects of becoming an artist in the year 2016. The young lady talks about her own childhood, the struggle of actually making it and how difficult but also challenging it is to write a proper song from scratch. The following three insightful and entertaining music videos clearly show a young talent who deserves the world’s attention. Get to know her a bit better and get inspired by her as well by right here.

Video 1: When you decide to become a ‘star’


Video 2: The struggles of a newcomer’s life


Video 3: How to write a song

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