It became a lovely tradition on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION to update our popular sunny indie playlist on Spotify in early June as we’re approaching the summery season. Needless to say the circumstances change every year but they are even more special this time. So, last year in the still early stages of the Covid-pandemic we said “it’s better to see this as a brief moment to reevaluate our lives, set priorities right and focus on – well, ourselves instead of heading for all the countless distractions of this thing called modern life.” That was an original quote from June 2020. And one year later? Well, that still sums it up pretty well but our attitude probably changed a lot since then. Gone are the idealistic first months of the Covid break, now most of us are simply tired, exhausted and are longing for a change in any form. Social interaction, culture, travel, art – pretty much any form of impulse is very much welcome after we spend an entire fall and winter in our homes. Now, the world is opening up again and for these much needed moments of relief our sunny indie playlist might be a fitting musical soundtrack.

Thanks to the warm weather and the start of the vaccination process this really feels like the end of the hard phase of the pandemic in many parts of the world. We’re entering a phase of recovery, it seems in a slow and still dynamic process but the summer of 2021 will definitely feel different than its predecessor. However, music still remains a great source of hope, solace and empowerment in times of uncertainty. Like in the past ten years NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION wants to remain that source of inspiration and a provider of a fitting musical soundtrack for such times.

Our beloved Sunny Indie Vibes Playlist on Spotify continues to focus on the warm melancholia and mellow aspects of the season. This is not your next pool party soundtrack, it’s one for lazy days in the park, on the lake and your own living room while enjoying shimmering sunlight. Following the summer of reflection in 2020, this might be the summer of reconciliation so these 100 tracks might help you to reconnect with life. Next to some favourites of the past years like HAIM, Washed Out, Pure X, Khruangbin, Real Estate, The War On Drugs and Poolside we are also making room for lesser known artists, newcomers and lovely little independent music treasures you might have never heard of before. Artists like Bored At My Grandmas House, Charles, April June, Roller Derby, Some Sprouts, NewDad and Hi Crime have been previously featured in our Daily Tune and Listen Ahead sections and it’s great to have them in here as well. So, if you’re ready for over six hours of chilling and laidback sunny indie music vibes this is the best possible playlist you’ll find in the wide world of streaming. We honestly hope you’ll enjoy this selection as much as we do. Stay healthy, stay safe, take care of yourself and each other. This is going to be a good summer!