Swim Deep - Where The Heaven Are We  - Cover- 2013

SWIM DEEPWhere The Heaven Are We

01. Intro
02. Francisco
03. King City
04. Honey
05. Colour Your Ways
06. Make My Sun Shine
07. The Sea
08. Red Lips I Know
09. Soul Trippin
10. Stray
11. She Changes The Weather

Self-belief is really important for success sometimes as long as you stay realistic. Loads of bands for example just succeed because of their confidence and belief in uniqueness of their music. In early summer this year, singer Austin Williams from the Birmingham indie-pop band SWIM DEEP said: “I can’t see anything that compares to us”. Now it is the time for them to show that they are different to the rest, with the release on 5 August of their debut Where the Heaven Are We via RCAUK.

With lyrics like “life ain’t be beige so colour your ways and see things in the right light” from the song Colour your ways they at least show how enthusiastic and bright the band and their music is, of course in a really authentic way. The record is full of love, summer feelings and emotions like we already know it from the singles they already released: King City, Honey, The Sea and She Changes The Weather, which are definitely highlights of the record. On first listen the other songs probably won’t get that much attention, but literally they should, as songs like Stray, a really slow song which is doubtless really beautiful in its simplicity.

But the record doesn’t always hit the mark. A general problem of the record is that it could get a bit boring as all the songs have similar tunes and topics. All four band members are quite young and you can truly hear that. To choose the track She Changes the Weather as a closer was a great idea indeed, it is much more ambitious and diverse and makes hungry for more material of the Birmingham band.

All in all Where the Heaven Are We is a lovely summer pop record to dream away and dance, tough the lyrics are a little light-minded and the sound can get a little monotonous. Doubtless you can compare the band to others for example to PEACE, but SWIM DEEP have defined their own sound. For taking a really important part in the pop scene they probably have to work on, but the band can take an important role for some people as they manage to share their self-belief and encourage with their music.