Yes, we are aware of the circumstances and no, this is not a joke. Is it even allowed to have a party at the end of 2020? Well, technically not in terms of crowd sizes, official venues, clubs etc. … in most parts of the world the year ends in the same way most if was handled – with a lockdown and the golden rule of social distance to keep the Covid-19 pandemic at bay. Without friends, without clubs and togetherness – what’s the point in even having a party? Well, because we all deserve this after a year that was packed with exhaustion, frustration and lots of other negative emotions. We need a moment of relief, a little piece of hope and positivity in the cold winter lockdown. And if that means dancing alone with our headphones in your own living room than that’s it. We know, this set-up feels a bit weird first but if you dim the light, have a glass or two and put the right tunes on, it can be a relieving and cathartic experience. And as always – we’re here to help you with the most important ingredient, the music.

NBHAP’s freshly updated Tasteful Party Times playlist is a fitting soundtrack for your socially distanced New Year’s Eve party or simply all those moments in which you want to get your groove on. Once again, it follows a simple and pure goal to make you dance and lift your spirit. But we’re also keen to keep it surprising and free from any genre- or era-limitations. Here you’ll find a funky soul classic from the 70s right next to WAP by Cardi B and shimmering 80s hits from acts like Madonna, Stevie Nicks or David Bowie right next to some guitar-driven indie-rock favourites. Quality mainstream pop smahers by The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Lizzo team up with the experimental jazz-funk combo Vulfpack, lush disco pop from Ultraflex, Arabic vibes from A-WA, house pop from Peggy Gou and lots of other goodies from decades of grooving music. We love to surprise you with this one and surely hope you don’t use the ‘skip’-button too often. It’s a diverse invitation to the dancefloor, even if it’s your personal one for a forseeable future. But for a moment, let’s just think about giving this one a spin once the contact restrictions are gone in the future? What a blast this will be, right? We sincerely hope our tasteful party playlist will also fill your life with joy during the path towards that glorious moment. Have a good one!