Tensnake - 'Glow' - Cover- 2014


01. First Song
02. Love Sublime (feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora)
03. Pressure (feat. Thabo)
04. Feel of Love (with Jacques feat. Jamie Lidell)
05. No Colour
06. Ten Minutes
07. Kill The Time (feat. Fiora)
08. Selfish (feat. Jeremy Glenn)
09. Good Enough To Keep (feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora)
10. Holla
11. Listen Everybody
12. See Right Through (feat. Fiora)
13. No Relief (feat. Fiora)
14. Things Left To Say
15. 58 BPM (feat. Fiora)
16. Last Song

Does anyone remember TENSNAKE‘s 2010 club banger Coma Cat? Well, the DJ is back with his first full longplayer Glow and he’s got one clear message for us: Keep on dancing –  but stay cool.

Listening through the album, you can easily spot the German native’s passion for classic disco, soul and funk: After a rather mysterious (but still interesting) introduction with the Frist Song – yes, that’s the actual title – Glow begins with a handful of catchy 80’s pop tunes, including the artist’s latest single Love Sublime featuring Chic-mastermind and recent DAFT PUNK collaborator Nile Rodgers and singer Fiora. Along with tracks like Pressure or Feel Of Love, this music will make your body move. At least if you don’t mind the intense pop appeal.

The next part does not loose any of its funk, but sounds a bit more deep house  and trance-orientated. Songs like Selfish or Kill The Time are still very danceable and rhythmic, while Good Enough To Keep (the second collaboration with Nile Rodgers and Fiora) is a bit outstanding among them. Maybe due to its highly pop sound, or its certain similarity with RIHANNA’s Don’t Stop The Music from 2007 ( Well, just can’t ignore it). Holla is the first break in between all the upbeat songs and sounds more darker than the rest. It leads us also to the third part of the record, in which TENSNAKE moves from the dancefloor to a private upper class party or high-fashion show: Soft synths, lower beats and hypnotizing vocals dominate the tracks and transform them into luxurious lounge music (No Relief, Things Left To Say) or a proper catwalk soundtrack (See Right Through).

So after this short analysis, what could be the producers’s intention behind Glow? Surely it has a concrete structure in sound, starting out with faster tunes and finishing with more calm pieces (for example the album’s outro, Last Song). Lyrically the record addresses the power over yourself (Kill The Time), the celebration of the moment (Feel The Love) or telling girls to leave home (Listen Everybody). Well, it’s dance music after all. What did you expect? There are also many collaborations, starring house producer Jeremy Glenn, Thabo, JAMIE LIDELL or already mentioned Fiora (featured on six tracks). The main goal might be of course to make people feel good and just dance. That’s definitely achieved.

All in all, TENSNAKE produced a well done debut which strongest tracks are placed at the beginning of the album. It comes along with a lighter pop-electronic sound and a cool vibe throughout every single tune. Maybe even too cool, because that’s possibly  the strongest weakness of Glow: It does not blow your mind. It works for the moment and makes you feel dope. But to be honest: In a time where more and more people decide to actually stay cooler than they are and live for the moment, this LP will certainly satisfy all kind of electronic hipsters and fans of club-orientated music on a higher level. Because that’s what it is: danceable club music, without being trashy or too hard.

‘Glow’ represents a funky and cheerfull debut for TENSNAKE. He stays in his area and brings us the perfect soundtrack for a cool evening with 80’s flair.

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5

Written by Kai Hermann