The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares - 2013


THE COMPUTERS Love Triangles, Hate Squares

01. Bring me the head of a hipster
02. Love Triangles, Hate Squares
03. Mr. Saturday Night
04. Nothing to Say
06. Disco Sucks
07. Selina Chinese
08. Point of Interst
09. Sex Texts
10. Call on You
11. Other People’s Single Beds


About two years after their debut album This Is the Computers, the fivepiece band THE COMPUTERS based in the Exeter (SW England) return with their 2nd record Love Triangles, Hate Squares, going to be released on April 29th via label One Little Indian. With eleven tracks and 35 minutes it is slightly longer than their debut. It was produced and recorded in the USA by Mark Neill who already worked together with the BLACK KEYS and mixed in cooperation with Alex Newport who already worked together with CITY AND COLOUR.

As well as their debut Love Triangles, Hate Squares is full of blues, soul, rock’n’roll, garage, punk and late 50s style. The main difference to This Is the Computers are the vocals – they are doubtless not as hoarse and rough throughout the record anymore. With songtitles like the opener song Bring me the head of a hipster, which is a real earwig, or like the fist single of the record Disco sucks! the LP is undeniably full of statements, statements that show the aversion to new movements and the love to well-tried stuff like good old fashioned rock’n’roll.

To like the second song on the record – the title track – it isn’t important to understand the story behind it, but to love it you better should. And no, we won’t spoil you. It contains nice and rhythmically combinations of guitar, bass, keyboards and of course drums. According to vocalist and guitarist Alex Kershaw Love Triangles, Hate Squares is about being bored, about missed opportunities and about your life being stuck on repeat.

Mr. Saturday Night is a happy and catchy song which could be imagined as part of a film soundtrack. CRUEL and the last song of the LP Other People’s Single Beds are the quiet, slow and emotional but powerful songs of the record. If you want to get into the real late 50s rock’n’roll mood to shake a bit Selina Chinese and Sex Texts are probably the songs you are looking for. Also Call on You is quite 50s and a nice good mood song. The piano gives it a special note.

To sum it up Love Triangles, Hate Squares is the ultimate record for rock’n’roll lovers, for all of you who are fed up of all the new and innovative stuff characterized by experimental or boring computer sounds and just wanna listen to the good old stuff we know as real music produced by real instruments but for those are still open for new songs by talented new artists. Listening to the record magically carries you back into the late 50s and lets you forget all the crazy stuff going on out there. Thumbs up!