The Fireflys – Embers of the Autumn - Cover - 2013

THE FIREFLYS – Embers of the Autumn

01. Unplayed Guitar
02. Autumn Soul
03. Hummingbird
04. Julianne
05. Broken Pieces
06. Cemetery Song
07. Paper Plane
08. Der Reise
09. She Said
10. Between The Tide

First of all, I would like to say this: I WILL challenge anyone who thinks that there’s  little musical talent in the UK – and I say this because of three seriously (and I mean seriously) talented guys from North West of England –  Lee Wylding (lead vocals/guitar), Stephghen Roberts (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Andrea Packer (Drums) – aka THE FIREFLYS.

Formed in 2007, the alternative rock band from Runcorn has a string of successful recordings under the belt: their latest album Cathedral for your Ashes peaked at number 22 on the Amazon downloads chart.

Now, THE FIREFLYS are on the verge of releasing another album Embers of the Autumn through their own record label Canada Records. I have a very strong feeling that this collection of ingenious recordings will push them well and truly on the map. So if you haven’t heard of THE FIREFLYS I bet, by the end of this year, you’ll be a fan of their music.

Now, where do I start?  Well I guess there’s no better place to start than at the beginning! Embers of the Autumn kicks off with the seriously groovy/60’s inspired rock Autumn Soul, where you are introduced to WYLDING‘s  truly amazing talent as a guitarist. This is followed by the infectious Unplayed Guitar and the ultra cool Hummingbird and Julianne (for me, this one is a hot track). WYLDING‘s smooth (and slightly husky) vocals really pull the whole warm and mellow production together. I wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Julianne become their biggest hit to date. It ‘s the first single   from the album.  I’m on my knees here – I’m begging you, have a listen!

The Runcorn rockers show that they can really rock just as well as the most seasoned rocker with heart-raising Paper Chase and Der Reise. The 12 track album returns to that infectious mellow rock with Between The Tide, where again you experience WYLDING‘s out-of-this-world guitar skills!

Listening to Embers of the Autumn felt like being the only kid in a candy store –at first I couldn’t decide which song to pick as the favourite! Once I picked a favourite, it really hit the spot – just like sucking on a cola cube! When the album gets out, you should really a have listen, because these guys deserve your undivided attention.