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Marks To Prove It

NBHAP Rating: 3,6/5


[one_half last=”yes”]THE MACCABEES
Marks To Prove It

Release-Date: 31.07.2015
Label: Fiction / Caroline

01. Marks To Prove It
02. Kamakura
03. Ribbon Road
04. Spit It Out
05. Silence
06. River Song
07. Slow Sun
08. Something Like Happiness
09. WW1 Portraits
10. Pioneering Systems
11. Dawn Chorus


Still on top of the game

THE MACCABEES have long been one of the big ‘names’ in British indie rock. From their explosive debut Colour It In to three equally strong follow ups culminating in Marks to Prove it, THE MACCABEES are still on top. The record itself seems to mark a break from previous records. It still adheres to the indie pop brand that THE MACCABEES have so far created yet they experiment with new elements. The tracks are a maze of sounds and work well together as a coherent record. Kamakura is a reflective track. With lingering guitar twangs and sweet vocals. Orlando Weeks’ vocals are as distinct as ever and soothing in the building of the record. Its appears quite early on the record and that alone is a bold move for such a great track.

Welcome back, old friends

Something Like Happiness is a similarly sweet song, with choral ranting and cutting drumming sequences. It feels, out of all the tracks on this record, the most breakaway. The change in the record, ‘you’ve got somewhere to go/when you go’ is screamed almost angrily. Acting as a slight break from picturesque metaphors so frequently used by the band. Pioneering Systems features an uncharacteristic faint feminine back up vocal. Experimenting with different musical forms yet sticking to their formula, THE MACCABEES try to break away from their mould. However, the distinctive vocal and reliable melodies, this record sounds like an old friend.

Boys will be boys

Perhaps this is the only criticism of the record. The band does not appear to have aged. This record sounds like a varying shades of previous three. The usual mix of explosive, reflective and classic. Yet, dependent on what you want as a listener for a fourth studio album, it could seem repetitive. However, for defining a brand of indie pop so succinctly, THE MACCABEESMarks to Prove It will join the first three as a record to be remembered. And don’t worry they’ve got the Marks to Prove It.

If you happen to love THE MACCABEES before you’ll also fall for Marks To Prove It; It’s as simple as this, indeed.