Germany’s indierock institution THE NOTWIST wrapped up a very special christmas gift for their fans in Leipzig this week. Honestly, if you play three sold out shows on three consecutive days, there’s no real doubt about the loyalty of your fanbase, right? Nonetheless, THE NOTWIST have always been a band that knew how to justify premature praise. So, if the images above are not testimony enough: We’ve spent a memorable night at the UT Connewitz that maybe, just maybe, will even end up to be a live record someday. But more on that below, here’s what the second of the three concerts felt like.

Where are we?

The UT Connewitz is arguably the nicest concert venue in Leipzig. An old cinema, barely restored, just enough to be safe and to give it a very nice patina. And, if you happen to have a good sound engineer, it’s probably the best sounding location in the city. Especially for music that needs a little air to unfold. Everything was definitely in place this evening.

The best moment of the show

If THE NOTWIST‘s excellent musical craftmanship needed any further proof it’s definitely been the mash-up of their two standout hits Neon Golden and Pilots – an extended jam spanning from melodic delicacy to a hard pumping rave and back. Accompanied by the always appropriate but never over the top lightshow this was one of the very few concert moments you’ll remember for, like, ever. The band, reduced by founding member Martin Gretschmann but extended by a bunch of really great musicians, seems to be very well attuned at this point.

The worst moment of the show

There’s been none. You could blame the support act JAM MONEY for being a little too experimental but actually, that’s what they’ve been there for and even their performance did have its own fascination.

How was the audience?

A little chatty while JAM MONEY were playing but all in all very decent, of mixed age, thankful and – as the gig went on – more and more enthusiastic. You could feel that and that’s how it should be: An honest, growing excitement instead of an instant one that feels phoney, strange and out of place.

Can we recommend future live shows by the artist?

Anytime, anywhere. If you get the chance of seeing THE NOTWIST live: Grab it! These guys probably are, despite their already advanced age, at the top of their art right now. And maybe, judging from the amount of cables and microphones running through the venue, everyone who missed out on these three memorable nights in Leipzig will have the chance to at least enjoy them on record pretty soon. We’ll keep you updated on that.