Photo by Alexandra Gavillet

Photo by Alexandra Gavillet

Brooklyn-based producer James Hinton (aka THE RANGE) put out his latest album Potential just last month, and it’s causing quite the buzz on the platform that made the album possible aka the internet. The album is teeming with voice samples of obscure artists that he found in the depths of the interwebs, which also played a big factor of his success. His tracks are run by a driving electronic beat, filling any gaps with handfuls of playful bleeps, blips and womps. Potential is the followup to his album Nonfiction, which he released back in 2013.

For his guest mix, Mr. Hinton put together a list of tracks that seamlessly flow into each other. It has its ups and downs, with some tracks making you feel like you’re a hyperactive video game character, and others taking it down a notch. It’s a strictly electronic mix, but he pulls heavily from his own work, meaning there is a heavy dose of vocal samples included as well.

‘With this mix I wanted to mix in a lot of my own material from Potential and earlier records with some songs I have been listening to lately. It was fun to be able to re-contextualize some of the songs on the album against songs that I have been walking around with for the past few weeks and I think it sheds an interesting light on where my head has been lately!’

It may seem like a conflict of interest that most of the included tracks are his own, but we aren’t complaining, since it led to one solid mix. The playlist has the forward beat to either make you get shit done, or better yet to dance around a bit.

‘Bleeps, Blips and Samples’ – Guestmix

01. Kanye West – Father Stretch My Hands (Instrumental)
02. Gold Panda – Time Eater
03. Lindstrom – Closing Shot
04. The Range – No Loss
05. Rude kid – Shaky (remix)
06. The Range – Skeptical
07. Coco- Big N Serious
08. The Range – Blindspot
09. The Range- Florida
10.  Pepsi and DJ Red Alert – Don Gorgon Sound
10. Rustie – Death Bliss
11. The Range – Falling Out of Phase
12. The Range – A Solitudinous Diptych
13. Partynextdoor – Right Now
14. The Range – Copper Wire
15. The Range – Metal Swing
16. The Range – The One
17. The Range – Ed Reed Jersey
18. The Range – Superimpose