the shaking sensations - start stop worrying - album cover


1.Rocket Summer
2. We Ourselves Alone
3. Anchors
4. Gild The Lily
5. Ravelin
6. Heavy Entity

Start Stop Worrying, the new album by Danish post-rock band THE SHAKING SENSATIONS is an album that is about much more than just music. The album’s opener Rocket Summer was included on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s free post-rock compilation “Nothing But… Post-Rock” and the band’s performance at this year’s DunK!Festival was also an amazing one. So the band might be no unknown to you. If you still haven’t heard about THE SHAKING SENSATIONS you should definitely take a listen. Two drums, two guitars, one bass, no vocals. Instrumental rock music at its best. And even more with an almost orchestral songwriting.

Start Stop Worrying is an album that will bring you down. Forty-six minutes of instrumental music to dream away, to get lost in thoughts, to calm down and to drown into emotions. THE SHAKING SENSATIONS managed to create an album that you sink in and almost get lost in its sounds. No matter if you are sitting at home all alone, if you are walking through the streets with your headphones on, if you are driving from one place to another and just watch the landscape or people walking by: Start Stop Worrying could be your soundtrack for all these situations. So start stop worrying, because everything is fine. There is a soundtrack for everything and it comes from THE SHAKING SENSATIONS.

THE SHAKING SENSATIONS‘ new album, Start Stop Worrying, was released via Pelagic Records. You can stream the entire album below. So take a deep breath, click play and dive into emotions, thoughts and a lot more. You’ll start stop worrying automatically.