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Wicked Nature

Release-Date: 02.09.2014
Label: Self Released

01. Metal Zone
02. Ladybug
03. Green Utopia
04. Psychomatic
05. Killing The Planet
06. Anything You Say
07. Venus Fly Trap
08. Good Enough
09. Out The Loop
10. Rave It
11. Wicked Nature
12. Into The Fire

CD 2
01. Reincarnation
02. Love Is Gone
03. Truth
04. Slightly Alien
05. Everything Else
06. Fly Away
07. Girl I Want
08. Clueless
09. Darkest Shadow
10. Funny Thing

NBHAP Rating: 3/5



Wicked Nature de facto starts with a song called Metal Zone. Over and over it repeats the phrase ‘can you get it’: In 2001 I read someone’s scribble on a school desk. This question was rhetorical, no need for punctuation: Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll, it said. When Get Free came along, later, it was fuel for the fire already burning. It should probably have raised suspicion, that these VINES were immensely praised by girls suffering from pathological altruism.

Disc one

Indeed. Wicked Nature is a double album. 22-Tracks: Sophisticated move from a band who was seemingly obliviated by probably everyone who bought a pair of Chucks around 2000. Now: Faster, harder, SCOOTER. THE VINES power-chord through every genre from punk to harcore, metal and surf-rock, but end up the one way they already started: grunge. It’s fun though (especially when they lean towards the beach and not Seattle). And Nicholls fires on all his manic cylinders.

Disc two

A lot less distortion, switching themes from our dirty drowning planet (Wicked Nature) to, yes, wicked love. No one could have known that the BEATLES still have such strong influence on bands these days. An important question may here be: If Craig Nicholls draws inspiration from great music (in general), why does he have such a bad taste in choosing haircuts? So the double-albums second half passes by like handclaps and a ‘Sha La La La La…’