Thot Tour 2014 - 3

In my opinion, going on tour is like heading into the true unknown. You never know who’s going to show up at the gigs, you don’t know if your gear will survive, and how your evening is going to end. There are a dozen of expectations but, in the end, there is even much more waiting for you. So please, enjoy the story of a eight-day tour across Europe with THOT, promoting our new album The City that Disappears, right after its release and a bunch of gigs in our homeland of Belgium.

Day 1, Le Brin de Zinc (Barberaz, France)
An 8-hour drive from Belgium to reach this very nice club in Savoie, filled with crates of Belgian beer, and operated by Frank and his kind team. The first words we heard as soon as we finished playing the first song were ‘oh fuck, it’s incredible’: we knew it could only be a good tour start.

Day 2, STOLP3 (Maribor, Slovenia)
In between France and Slovenia, there’s Italy, its expensive and unfriendly service stations. But you know it worth when Miha, the STOLP3 promoter, welcomes you with homemade slivoviz.
the smallest venue we’ve ever played in, but our technical crew turned into magicians and managed to transform this tiny spot in a very comfortable stage where we’ve shared more than one hour of pure joy with the crowd.

Thot Tour 2014 - 5

Day 3, SPUNK CLUB (Zagreb, Croatia)
We had the real pleasure to be invited by Croatian zine and long time supporter of our music for their 13th anniversary. I guess SPUNK CLUB’s regular customers didn’t understand what was happening when THOT turned the place upside down. Fortunately, our night turned into a very interesting chat with our hosts, and I’m sure we’ll be back in Croatia very soon.

Day 4, DAS WERK (Vienna, Austria)
What happened Vienna?
Were you afraid of the rain?
Was it badly promoted?
Luckily, there were 3 friends and our buddies in Got Blue Balls as support act, so it all turned into a family affair.

Thot Tour 2014 - 4

Day 5, BRITISH ROCK STARS (Bratislava, Slovakia)
We arrived in Bratislava late into the night, straight fresh from from our Vienna disappointment; this gave us the opportunity to turn into tourists and enjoy this lovely city’s downtown during the day before the gig.
We were not prepared to the curse that would it us in the evening: plenty of gear issues (broken guitar strings, electronic pad not responding, monitors problems); Luckily, the curse was countered by our sheer will to overcome and rock the crowd.

Thot Tour 2014 - 2

Day 6, DIVADLO POD LAMPOU (Plzen, Czech Republic)
Back in our beloved Czech Republic, and joined by a bunch of friends from Prague. it felt like playing at home. What else can be said when the crowd is asking for 2 encores? Nice drivin! (Na zdravie!)

Day 7, KLUB PALENKA (Úpice, Czech Republic)
A Small city indeed, but what an energy during our gig! And what a venue! As we were watching the Room 237 documentary (about ‘Shining’ from Stanley Kubrik) on the road, we felt we would have to deal with madness and voices in our head. Happily, it all ended up as the best gig of the tour.

Day 8, KLUB MUZYCZNY LIVERPOOl (Wrocław, Poland)
Last gig of the tour with our buddies in IdiotHead. My voice was extremely tired after I joined them on stage to sing on their “Delayed Molting” tune, but, finally, we’ve nailed the venue as an epic tour ending, right before disappearing into the night to head back home.

Thot Tour 2014 - 1

Warm greetings to everyone who hosted us, every buddies we met, everyone who bought something from the merch table, offered us a drink or shouted their joy and support: Frank and his team in Barberaz, Miha and Inès from Terrarelicta in Maribor, Horvi, Mario and all the Terapija family in Zagreb, Stizz, Eyup and Chris in Vienna, Mofokillers & Got Blue Balls in Bratislava, František & Petr in Plzeň, and all of our friends from Prague who’ve showed up, Lukas, Karel, Daniela and the sound team in Úpice, Szymon, Marek and everyone in Wrocław. If I forgot you in this report, don’t worry, my heart did not for sure.