Throw Me Off The Bridge - 2014

Laval, France-based singer and songwriter Quentin Saué aka. THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE just released his second full length album Blindfolded Traveler. An album that couldn’t be more beautiful and emotional. At the same time it is an album that couldn’t hurt more emotionally. The blindfolded traveler expresses emotions everyone feels every now and then. Let’s put the spot on the man whose music is ‘tortured but heartfelt, raw but honest, bare but heavy’.

Can you do a little track-by-track telling the background story of each song?
None if this is the last song I wrote. I wanted to explain how sad it is when two people who were best friend before, finally became like strangers. Cause sometimes the best way to be ok is burning the bridges.
Water under the Bridge is about the people I lost. It’s a lesson I tell myself, to not doing the same mistake again. I haven’t got the time for this.
In Someday, i speak to myself, saying that I should enjoy the present, I should enjoy my life, cause everyone has troubles. It’s about focusing on the positive side.
Wrong Time is about losing your girlfriend because you’re in love with your best friend. But the thing is when she figured this out, you lost her as well. So finally you lost them both.
Shed of lies is the first song i wrote for this record. I explain that even if I can’t be with this person, I try to take any cool stuff I can from this relationship, before the inevitable: before burning the bridges.
Easier said than done is simply about moving on after you lost someone.
From The Top is more complicated. It’s when you’re bored in your life, you have too much time to think, and also you feel guilty, and you’re starting to hate yourself, you’re starting to give up, cause your dream seems to far away.
I wrote Blindfolded Traveler during the longest tour I did so far. I felt so well everyday on the road, because I thought ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’, but it’s not true. I think we carry our troubles with us everywhere. I really enjoy traveling but it’s always hard to come back home and face the truth again.
And the last song is about a funeral. Two girls, cousins of my cousins, lost their mother. It was a very sunny day, but very cold, the ceremony was outside, and it was beautiful. Very sad, but beautiful. So i wanted to express my feelings on that, on what I heard, what I saw, and what I thought. The name is taken from a part of their uncle’s speech : ‘My mum always told me that the hardest experience anyone can face, is to bury his own child’.

What happened from ‘Everlasting Folks’ to ‘Blindfolded Traveler’?
Since the first album I toured quiet a lot, in Europe and a bit in UK, mainly in house-concerts. I met very talented musicians and became good friends with some, like ROB MOIR, MO HAWK, WHITE BOY PROBLEMS, NO KING NO CROWN, NO GODS OR KINGS, MARK McCABE, PJ BOND, ELLEN COX and many others.
Last September I a was a bit tired of playing always the same songs, and spending my time sending e-mails, so I guess I needed to record this new one, to be motivated again. And it worked: now I’m really motivated, more than ever before.

Are you a blindfolded traveler?
Yes I am, maybe less today than one year ago, but still. This name ‘Blindfolded Traveler’ reflects on the way I move forward in my life, without really knowing what’s best for me. I cover my eyes with my hands like a kid watching a horror movie cause I’m scared. It also reflects how I’m sometimes wrong, I know it but I don’t wanna admit it. ‘Love makes lovers blind’.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?
I would say that it’s tortured but heartfelt, raw but honest, bare but heavy, and I would show him the booklet with all the photography and lyrics.

Why do you want to be thrown off the bridge?
Even if it’s a ‘solo’ effort at the first place, I don’t think I could do everything I do alone, in fact I need help. And so when I say ‘throw me off the bridge’ it’s more like ‘give me the strength and courage to do what I do’.

Would you rather sink or swim?
One year ago I’d rather sink, but today I think I’d swim, I think it’s worth it.

Would you rather whisper or shout for the rest of you life?
I will definitely shout for the rest of my life for sure. It’s my only drug.

In your opinion: In how far can loneliness, depression and despair a source of creativity?
As we used all of this to expel something, to exorcise, it will be a great source of creativity, after that it can’t be good.

What do ‘hope’ and ‘passion’ mean to you?
To me, ‘passion’ is life, and ‘hope’ is a thing I need to stay well and focused in my life. And actually my passion (related to music in that case) gives me a lot of hope.