The Title Sequence - Stills


1. Sound
2. Ashamed
3. Dinosaurs
4. Lovers
5. You Belong To Me
6. Stills
7. Jigsaw Days
8. Etienne
9. Evenings Spent With You
10. Payday
11. Ghost Of The Relationship
12. Sideshow
13. Deleted Scene

Following on from the success of first single, Pay Day, talented duo THE TITLE SEQUENCE are releasing their eagerly awaited debut album Stills.

Based in North London, the duo who fuse vocals, guitars, keyboards and vintage reel-to-reel tape decks to create their own unique lo-fi strand of indie electronica. Oozing melody and quality production values, the album makes good use of natural instruments and electronic sounds. The use of strings throughout is particularly delightful. The spring release coincides with feel of brighter mornings, longer days increased sunshine that the album could well be a soundtrack for. The analogue richness generated from the production techniques certainly adds a lot to the full bodied feel of the album.

The album was originally meant to be songwriter David Bailey’s second solo effort for the alternative folk label Folkwit Records. Bailey turned to his lifelong friend and music producer Nick Crofts to record a small collection of songs. This early collaboration was to lead to the formation of THE TITLE SEQUENCE, with Croft mixing beats to Bailey’s keys and bass. Incorporated into this new collaboration was a strong design element which consistently plays into the band’s desire to create a distinct visual aesthetic alongside their music, marking them out from the current indie scene’s crowd.

Any album with a song called Dinosaurs probably deserves to be popular for that reason alone. However, in the age of the single, this really does feel like an album that can be listened to as a complete work. There is a continuity and difference between each song that makes it a proper album as opposed to a collection of singles. Aside from that, the album has received repeated airplay from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Tom Ravenscroft, Hew Stevens, Tom Robinson, John Kennedy, Chris Hawkins and Chris Coco. The album could perhaps be best described as nostalgic lo-fi indie-electronica pop.

With one eye on the future, the band have stated that a limited vinyl release and a brand new EP is planned for the end of the year, as well as a one off show about 2 weeks after the release, where they will perform the Stills in its entirety.