Trentemøller - Live In Copenhagen (Special Edition)  - Album Cover- 2013

TRENTEMØLLER Live In Copenhagen (Special Edition)

01. The Mash And The Fury
02. Shades Of Marble
03. …Even Though You’re With Another Girl
04. Past The Beginning Of The End
05. Vamp
06. Sycamore Feeling
07. Miss You
08. Moan
09. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
10. My Dreams (feat. Marie Fisker) (Bonus)
11. My Dreams (Acoustic) (feat. Marie Fisker) (Bonus)
12. Blue Hotel (Bonus)


After his success with his last releases The Great Wide Yonder and Reworked/Remixed, Anders TRENTEMØLLER toured constantly. Before he can be experienced supporting DEPECHE MODE – some of his all-time heores as he told NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in a recent interview – this summer, we know get an idea what to expect with his brand new live album. In two long before sold out shows in his hometown Copenhagen, TRENTEMØLLER created an impressive live document of his work, where an enthusiastic crowd has an important share in the spectacle.

The mastermind himself rather plays a role as the conductor of a modern orchestra here, which lifts the most successful songs of the last releases to even another level of expression. TRENTEMØLLER himself lets his compositions speak through the band. The opener The Mash and the Fury, already one of the highlights on the record, in it’s live version turns into a massive cobra sneaking from behind and growing to a massive wave of sound.

Just followed by the dreamy Shades of Marble that immediately makes you wave into another world. The beautiful female voice of Marie Fisker gets a first impressive appearance in the much acclaimed and countlessly remixed …Even Though You’re With Another Girl. Although you might know his songs from the record, but this is a whole new experience. All tracks have been recomposed for the live version and get a different edge, more drive, more details, more passion.

Sycamore Feeling is another standing out track with a new up-tempo 8-minute interpretation making the crowd dance. Well the crowd, being always an important element in live records, is very well integrated here. Whereas some live records suffer from too loud noises from the people, or only some applause at the end of the song, this fits perfectly here. The excitement of the people is part of the songs and very well adds to the overall mood.

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Besides the massive walls and the dancing beats, there is also much room for the calm and emotional moments, where the band shows it’s feeling for the fragile details. The always gorgeous Miss You turns blissful chime bells into a monster for the most dramatic scene in a movie still to be made. Over all TRENTEMØLLER set a trend in electronic music which is manifested with this live document even more. Many artists follow his path to move away from digital sounds but reproduce and elaborate their studio works in live band versions that opened up a whole new genre. Very much in a band tradition, this approach is even widened here and gives the artist the opportunity to connect digital and analogue sounds to a complex texture of music. This is far from being ‘just’ techno, electronica or wave – it is something completely unique.

The third studio album is already in preparation for September with a single coming in May. So no time to rest for TRENTEMØLLER fans, also because there are many chances this summer to grab the Danish wizard in live shows, besides his DEPECHE MODE slot. Live In Copenhagen is an impressive statement from one of contemporary music’s most interesting characters.