Trondheim Calling - 2015

Less than a week to go and we’re off to Norway once again. Despite the fact that this country regularly pleases us with countless promising and great artists they also have a vital festival tradition up there. You may have already noticed that we’re fans of Oslo’s ØYA FESTIVAL for example but another, more understated one is located way up in the north – TRONDHEIM’S CALLING, my friends and we’ll follow its call. Keeping up its good tradition, the not so small showcase festival brings artists from many different genres to the city. And in preparation for the usually quite diversified line up we present you six artists that show how vast the array of musical spectrum is that gathers in Trondheim next week.

TRONDHEIM CALLING is taking place from January the 29th to 31st. For more details and the full line-up head over here.

1. Barren Womb

Representing both uncompromising noise rock and DIY-attitude, this duo will most definitely put everything they have into their performance. If only to shake things up a little.

2. Angelica’s Elegy

Fusing ethereal sounds and rather earthed rhythmic patterns, ANGELICA’S ELEGY are one of those bands that create a very own cosmos to get lost in. Warm, gentle, exciting.

3. Conor Patrick & The Shooting Tsar Orchestra

Big band = big gestures. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of and a festival atmosphere can only profit from that. Especially if it’s in done in the crafted manner of this pop-orchestra.

4. Moddi

Sure, we already knew about this talented guy from the EINAR STRAY-connection but it’s good to be coming back to him on this occasion. If only to see where MODDI‘s beautiful lonely lullabies led him.

5. The Pink Moon

No further words necessary but these: Good old blues’n’roll coming our way with a nice nod towards THE BLACK KEYS – should be fun at the 2015 TRONDHEIM CALLING!

6. Elsa & Emilie

From warm intimacy to cold accuracy, from heart melting melody to abstract song structure – ELSA & EMILIE might have a quite a future judging from what we hear.