Oslo based TRULS gives an insight to favourite and influential R&B tunes. The collection below displays a diverse cut through the genre. From 1992 BOYZ 2 MEN all time classic End of the Road, to hyped up rapper FUTURE, we get a rhythmic roundhouse-kick in the face and a logical narrative, that eventually transcends into his own sound. TRULS is up to headline the coming up Berlin JaJaJa event to hopefully get some thongs snappin’ at the wild’n’sweaty crowd on 11 December 2014. Enjoy the Norwegian’s selection right here.

01. Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Stand For’

Listening to this song everyday now.

02. Brandy – ‘What About Us’

This is one of my R&B  favourites, this is one of the songs that got me into this genre.

03. Hit Boy – ‘Grindin’ my whole life’

This is a rap banger from producer Hit Boy, and his father raps in the video.

04. Sisqo – ‘Thong Song’

This is the ultimate party song, never stop playing this!

05. Boyz 2 Men – ‘End Of The Road’

One of the last releases from Motown Records, love this song.

06. Future – ‘Honest’

A song from my favorite album this year.

07. The Rapsody feat. Warren G feat. Sissel – ‘Prince Igor’

This is a proud moment for Norwegian SISSEL, a big hit in Norway.