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Two Gallants - We Are Undone

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We Are Undone

Release-Date: 03.02.2015
Label: ATO Records

01. We Are Undone
02. Incidental
03. Fools Like Us
04. Invitation To The Funeral
05. Some Trouble
06. My Man Go
07. Katy Kruelly
08. Heartbreakdown
09. Murder The Season / The Age Nocturne
10. There’s So Much I Don’t Know


NBHAP Rating: 4/5


For The Sake Of The Song

We Are Undone comes with a cracked skull on the cover and lots of heartbreak on the inside – TWO GALLANTS are experts in translating basic elements of the great American songbook into crashing hymns of longing. Of course it sounds cheesy to some ears but those who once fell for it will forever find great satisfaction in songs like Incidental or the stream-of-consciousness like There’s So Much I Don’t Know. There’s a nice sentiment of “truth” or at least reliability about these songs.

Lifelong Friendship

It seems as if Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel, the two halfs of TWO GALLANTS, are destined to be friends forever. At least this duo’s music still relies heavily on the member’s chemistry. Just like in the old call-and-respone scheme, the melodies and riffs of the guitar are rather commented than just simply accompanied by drums and voice. The passion that arises from this unique combination is still pretty irresistible for fans of folk rock.

Sweet, Thorny Longing

TWO GALLANTS keep on digging through the depths of the old American songbook ever since their 2004 debut The Throes. Now, with this fifth album of theirs, the duo bridges the harsh punk sound of its predecessor The Bloom And The Blight with the more classical folk and country oriented debut songs. The result: sticky melodies with an unswerving drive. Full of drinking, loving, & hating.

What you see is what you get – Two Gallants stick to their formula yet they present some of their strongest songs in a while.