visage - hearts and knives - 2013 album cover

VISAGEHearts And Knives

1. Never enough Start
2. Shameless Fashion Start
3. She’s Electric (coming around) Start
4. Hidden Sign Start
5. On We Go Start
6. Dreamer I Know Start
7. Lost in Static Start
8. I am watching Start
9. Diaries of a Madman Start
10. Breathe Life

No doubt, the 1980s have been an amazing musical decade. Within the last years this musical period got a huge revival and many young bands are clearly influenced by acts like VISAGE and a lot other. But are you ready to dive right into the real 1980s again? You should be, because VISAGE are back. Yes, the real VISAGE, who probably everyone knows from the Fade To Grey hit they put out 33 (!!!) years ago. Now 29 years after the released of their last album, Beat Boy (1984), the new wave band from London is back with a new album. The album is titled Hearts And Knives and shows several things:
1. don’t mess with VISAGE
2. this is real new wave
3. VISAGE are the pioneers of the “new romantic movement” and they will always be
4. whatever others do, VISAGE are more 80s, just because of the fact that they are the founders of a style that tons of other acts try to imitate.
5. don’t mess with VISAGE

The band’s new line-up consists of the original members Steve Strange and Steve Barnacle and the new members Robin Simon (ex ULTRAVOX Guitarist) and Lauren Duvall (on vocals). So yes, there have been changes in the line-up. But hey, not only VISAGE‘s line-up changed over the last 29 years, also time itself changed. But one thing did not change: the spirit of the music. Hearts And Knives is exactly what the title promises, a balancing act between melancholy, darkness, huge soundscapes, synths and amazing atmosphere. Just imagine a heart and a knife and think about what all could happen.

You can listen to VISAGE‘s brand new album, Hearts And Knives below. Dive into the real 1980s again: