NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s ‘What’s Your Sound?’ gives young and unsigned artists to present their sound and artistic vision to a bigger audience in order to gain them more attention. This time we have a participant from Argentina.

Malicia or Malice in English is the first single for Trio, my last EP for Geiser Discos (Buenos Aires). It’s a kinda weird semi-ballad inspired on Paula Abdul’s proper famous ballad Rush, rush. You can listen to a few bars of the song’s intro working as the main rhythm pattern for Malicia.

It thrilled me very deep when I found out (Thanks, Whosampled!) that not only Fito Paez (kinda a pop hero during my childhood in Buenos Aires and my first CD adquisition during the early 90s) but also Nicki Minaj sampled the same tune.

So, we can talk about unconscious sampling here?

Whatever, that does not matter now. What do matters is that when with the visual artists Bruno Gruppalli and Facundo Pires we decided to shoot a video for that tune, they unconsciously pick a color palette that resembles directly to the back of the record of Fito where that tune is!
So much for that, here’s my song and video for Malicia, please enjoy it.

Want to participate in ‘What’s Your Sound’ as well?

Please read and accept the following rules before taking part in this

  • Please make this about one relatively new song/ video that represents you best and fits to the style NBHAP
  • Don’t copy and paste an uninspired press text; instead please tell us a bit about yourself and your passion
  • Don’t write a novel, 200 words should be enough
  • Please use Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube or Bandcamp to submit your music
  • Use a valid mail address under which we can contact you in case you need support.