Photo by Zoe Rain

Photo by Zoe Rain

Even though Chancelor Bennett aka CHANCE THE RAPPER may be only 23 years old, yet the Chicago born and raised rapper is one of the most successful names in the HipHop industry. After an exciting year that reached from releasing his third mixtape Coloring Book, over putting up his own festival ‘Coloring Day’ in Chicago to rallying for Hillary Clinton, CHANCE is now finally headed for the European part of his ‘Magnificent Coloring World Tour’. In preparation for his live performances, we collected 11 reasons that explain why he’s the greatest rapper around.

1. He led thousands of teens in Chicago to early poll voting stations

CHANCE THE RAPPER has already called out his support for Hillary Clinton last year, before last weeks voting the rapper gave a free concert called ‘Parade To The Polls’ in Chicago’s Grant Park. The event also featured chance’s brother and fellow rapper Taylor Bennett. The intention behind the event was to lead thousands of young voters to an early polling site at 6 pm on Tuesday evening.

2. He owns his own non profit

Born and raised in Chicago, CHANCE is still pretty much into local politics. In September he launched his own nonprofit organization called Social Works. The organization is ought to empower young people through education, arts and civic engagement. SocialWorks already established before its official founding with music workshops for teenagers or a citywide fundraiser called The Warmest Winter which distributed over 1,000 coats to homeless people in 2015.

3. His lyrics

CHANCE THE RAPPER isn’t just doing good deeds for publicity reasons, his lyrics are pretty political too. In 2011 his close friend Rodney Kyles Jr. was stabbed in a Chicago violence. He rapped about the incident in Acid Rain from 2013. Summer Friends from this years mixtape Coloring Book is not thematizing summer friendships, but his friends being shot in crime scenes that happen in Chicago every summer. Even if you haven’t witnessed such horrible thing in your direct circle, CHANCE‘s got topics for every one. On Coloring Book the track ‘Same Drugs’ deals with distancing from long-term friends while ‘Smoke Break’ deals with his role as a father.

4. He makes even Nike advertorials seem deep in thought

In August, CHANCE THE RAPPER starred in his very own Nike-Advertorial including a new track called We The People. The song was also meant to support the American olympics team, but Chance also adressed the police violence against black people within lyrics such as ‘Find us a leader far from Silent Bob’s And Cousin Skeeter’s’.

5. His social media behavior

CHANCE‘s Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts are highly addictive and probably the most funny in the whole social media game. For instance, he once spotted FRANK OCEAN at a red carpet (before Blonde was released) and captioned ‘Sorry’ or photos with his ‘Auntie’ BEYONCE and JAY Z . He also once posted a very sweet freestyle for his girlfriend.

My daughter scratched my face in my sleep so my new scar will be making its #SNL debut on Saturday

Ein von Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) gepostetes Video am

6. He doesn’t like labels

CHANCE THE RAPPER has never released his music on a label and in his hit single ‘No Problem’ he thematizes the whole problematic that record labels carry for him. In one interview he described how he would like to stay as independent as he was while making music in high school: ‘And just the understanding of giving up that piece of the pie to anybody, whether they’re a huge label, or a indie label, or it’s just a distribution deal or it’s just a publishing deal, like giving up that piece is difficult for me. CHANCE‘s mixtapes were only uploaded on streaming platforms. ‘Coloring Book’ has been the only streaming-only album that charted on the Billboard Charts. He doesn’t make any money from releasing his music, only through merchandise, touring and starring in advertorials for brands such as Nike or H&M.

7. He’s a dad

Last year, CHANCE THE RAPPER long term girlfriend Kirsten Corley gave birth to daughter Kinsley. However, unlike his friends Kanye and Beyoncé, he decided to give both his girlfriend and his daughter time off social media.

8. He’s openly religious

While his first mixtapes 10 Day and ‘Acid Rain’ are thematizing drug use, Coloring Book is very religious. Many songs don’t just quote or relate to bible verses, the vibe of tracks such as Blessings or How Great is heavenly inspired by gospels. even features in KANYE WEST religious track Ultralight Beam on The Life Of Pablo. Whether you’re religious or not – this rapper’s clearly a god dream.

9. He’s friends with Obama

CHANCE‘s dad Ken Williams-Bennett once worked for Obama as a state director when he worked as a senator in Illinois. Both know each other since he was 8 years old, recently he visited Obama’s state dinner together with his dad (and without his iconic hat). Papa Bennett is still working for the Chicago major, what doesn’t stop his son from criticizing the cities authorities.

10. He wrote a hymn for Muhammed Ali

In July CHANCE THE RAPPER performed a unique tribute called I Was A Rock for Muhammed Ali. He performed the track with his frequent collaborators such as Nico Segal fka Donnie Trumpet and Jamila Woods and a full choir. The track featured audio clips in which Ali described his relationship with god.

11. He lights up every TV show

Last but not least, CHANCE THE RAPPER is also a fun rapper. With his energetic and hilarious performances he lights up every American TV show, whether it’s Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres or just Good Morning America.

CHANCE THE RAPPER will be performing in Berlin together this Wednesday, 16 November. You can buy tickets here and find the entire list of dates right here.