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Release-Date: 03.11.2014
Label: The Leaf Label

01. Ghosts & Pains
02. The Offbeat
03. Gold Digger
04. Mind Blues
05. Who I Was
06. Soft Wind, Soft Death
07. The Unreal vs The Real
08. Keep Some Hope
09. Everything All The Time

NBHAP Rating: 4/5

The percussion pair

Gothenburg-based experimental pop outfit WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS is comprised of husband and wife duo Andreas Werliin and Mariam Wallentin who met at art school in Gothenburg in 2004, married a year later and birthed their musical project in 2007. Rhythm is their first LP in five years. Comprised merely of drums, percussions and vocals, their musical set-up might be simple but their sound is emotional and hypnotic. The pair wonderfully complement each other: he lays down the drum motifs; she swoops in with birdlike vocals.

From solo to success

The big shift since their latest release is that Mariam’s ventured out with her solo project, MARIAM THE BELIEVER and what she’s learnt and how she’s musically evolved certainly makes its way onto the duo’s new offering. The tracks are confident, bold and instantly catchy. Track Gold Digger with its fast-spoken words is reminiscent of PATTI SMITH; a praiseworthy, brilliant effort.

Aptly titled

Rhythm is the first album to be recorded in their Stockholm based studio and they couldn’t have picked a better name. They settled for the stripped back choice of going for just vocals and drums but the effort is startlingly good, invigorating and full of rhythm. Each of the nine songs were recorded in one take further confirming the directness, honesty and confidence of the album as a whole.

WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS’ Rhythm’ their first album in five years, pulses with life, vigour and emotion.