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Will Butler - 'Policy' - Cover

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Release-Date: 09.03.2014
Label: Merge Records

01. Take My Side
02. Anna
03. Finish What I Started
04. Son of God
05. Something’s Coming
06. What I Want
07. Sing to Me
08. Witness

NBHAP Rating: 4/5



As we already hinted at, the charismatic and eye-catching performer of the big-time indie rock band ARCADE FIRE is releasing his first solo endeavour, after he had already teased the new tunes at a bunch of solo gigs in the US and released the tracks Anna and Take My Side. The 27-minute-play was recorded in a timeframe of a week in no other than JIMI HENDRIX’s old living room. The majority of the album was played by the multi-instrumentalist himself, only Gara from the above named combo hitting the drums and a few others participating in backing vocals.

Authentic Music

With Policy, WILL BUTLER created good old rock music reminding on the likes of JET, THE BLACK KEYS or the almighty ROLLING STONES, thereby putting the emphasis on brutally honest and sarcastic lyrics accompanied by ironically playful, catchy melodies. Deep lines as ‘Someone please finish what I started, I’ve tried my best, but my best was half-hearted’ and the cynical Son Of God nicely exemplify that. These lyrics won’t leave you untouched, so does the music of this – shyly expressed – monumental sound.

Born to entertain

WILL BUTLER proves what we have already long known: that he’s an entertainer par excellence, gliding his fingers along the piano like a virtuoso at a glittering party, fancy background singers  only intensifying this impression. Every new track gets you excited for the next one, without any moment of disappointment, as the sound just gets better and more grandiose. This album provides the listener with amusement high class, displaying BUTLER as rampantly sweating and raging, or in the calmer songs, passionate musician.

WILL BUTLERS’s debut Policy is diverse and checkered, with songs ranging from provocative earworms to loving serenades. It’s a fine mix and you should check it out.