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Wolf Alice - My Love Is Cool

NBHAP Rating: 4,1/5


[one_half last=”yes”]WOLF ALICE
My Love Is Cool

Release-Date: 22.06.2015
Label: Dirty Hit

01. Turns To Dust
02. Bros
03. Your Loves Whore
04. You’re A Germ
05. Lisbon
06. Silk
07. Freazy
08. Giant Peach
09. Swallowtail
10. Soapy Water
11. Fluffy
12. The Wonderwhy



Believe the hype

WOLF ALICE‘s debut record My Love Is Cool has every reason to bear its’ name – the whole album sparkles of coolness. And not only the four piece’s music, but also their appearance fits to that adjective: dark sunglasses, jeans- jackets and the charismatic and long haired Ellie Roswell as the front woman. It seems like they don’t care about what other people could think of them, they just do their own thing. And that’s also reflected in their lyrics, for example in the quite rough You’re A Germ: ‘You Ain’t going to Heaven /Don’t think you’re going to hell/ With Mom and Dad you can tell them/ You’re a guilty fucker as well’. The London-based band appears to don’t shrink from anything, not even from insults – a fact which gives them a certain kind of honesty.

Variety with pop focus

In our recent interview with Joff Oddie –WOLF ALICE‘s guitarist -he told us the following about My Love Is Cool‘s sound: ‘We were very focussed on making the pop songs sound like pop songs and the rock ones sound pretty rocky. We were looking for a variation in the production. We didn’t make one linear record with only one dominant sound. I think that would have been a bit boring for us.’ And the formation’s music is truly everything else than boring: indie meets folk, grunge meets pop and edgy guitars meet catchy melodies. And still – although the band mixes so many genres on their debut –  all the twelve songs fit together and form a mellow, unified whole. The record starts a bit more laid back but quite quickly accelerates its pace.

Rawness and honesty

Behind WOLF ALICE‘s music hides a high dose of honesty, authenticity and rawness. You instantly believe that their music comes directly from their hearts, without anyone – for example a record company – influencing them and telling them what they should sound like. A characteristic which unfortunately lacks many artists these days. But that’s exactly what makes the four-piece stand out from the others and hopefully won’t change in the future. My Love Is Cool won’t start a revolution but it’s a lovely and highly entertaining reminder that there’s still space for diversified indie records that aren’t afraird to give rawness and pop the same amount of space.

On their debut ‘My Love Is Cool’, WOLF ALICE prove that they can create mellow rock and pop music although they stick to their roots and don’t let anyone butt in.