Woodlands - Woodlands  - Cover- 2013


01. Move Forward
02. I Wanna Know
03. Lazy Days
04. Dark Clouds
05. Housebuilding
06. River Running Wild
07. Cheap Cigarettes
08. On The Run
09. Kids
10. Make It Through



WOODLANDS music doesn’t sound like it would come from Sweden. It rather sounds like coming directly from an old American farm: cheery, current and exhilarating folk to which you can easily dance. A few days ago the Swedish trio released it’s self-titled debut album – recorded in Malmoe (Sweden) in only seven days. And the album seems to float somewhere between the American folk of FLEET FOXES and the British folk pop of LAURA MARLING –  a good combination. WOODLANDS aren’t inexperienced newcomers-not at all. Sara Wilson – who is the leadsinger and plays the guitar – is also a member of the Swedish indie rock band FIRST FLOOR POWER which already exists for sixteen years. Niklas Korssell – WOODLANDS‘ drummer and Sara’s cohabitee – has got his own solo project located between pop and jazz. And then there is the third member Marcus Holmberg who plays the bass. He is also a member of the Swedish indiepop band KOMEDA.

You easily realise that the three musicians know what they are doing. Woodlands is an elaborated record which will please many people. The only weekness is that the lonplayer is somewhat equably – but which album isn’t? Already in the opener Move Forward you can hear that Sara has got a clear and strong voice which sometimes reminds of the German band BOY. And of course you can easily sing along with the chorus. I Wanna Know Why is a happy song which sticks in your head the whole day long – “I wannawannawanna know why” repeats itself over and over again.  Not to forget the slower Housebuilding with its very long guitar solo and the kind of exaggerated Kids featuring Saras high voice and a weird instrumental part.

WOODLANDS just chose the perfect moment to release their debut album. It seems like the whole world is into folk music at these days. Only take the British folkers MUMFORD AND SONS – they’ve got so much success that they even managed it to get to the top of the British music charts. And who knows, maybe WOODLANDS are the next MUMFORD AND SONS? They’ve got the potential. Definitely.