XJAZZ Festival

XJAZZ is a newborn Berlin based Jazz-Festival focussing a rather contemporary view on the genre. From 8.-11. of Mai 2014 several Locations in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain stage Jazz, Electronica, Neo-Klassik and Singer-/Songwriter Acts like: EMILIANA TORRINI, NIGHTMARES ON WAX, SCHWARZMANN (FRANK WIEDEMANN & HENRIK SCHWARZ), NILES PATER MOLVAER & MORITZ VON OSWALD, FRANCESCO TRISTANO, KURT ROSENWINKEL, DAVID ORLOWSKY & DOMINIQUE HORWITZ, ERIC SCHAEFER, MICATONE, MOP MOP, CHRISTIAN PROMMER & KELVIN SHOLAR, CHRISTOPHER DELL and many more.

The exceptionally well curated festival gives an insight to the living Berlin Jazz-scene. Whereas established Jazz-events mostly present stylistically bound line-ups: XJAZZ forms unique and often surprising constellations with local artists. By choosing Iceland as partnership-country, two cutting-edge music-scenes are connected to innovate and blow the dust off a genre.