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The Invisible Enemy: Depression And The Road To Recovery For IAMX Mastermind Chris Corner

For a long time, mental health has been a topic that has been consciously ignored wherever you looked in the entertainment industry. Artists are often celebrated for pouring their heart and soul into their work and sharing extremely private matters with their audiences at times. Weirdly enough, seeing the same artists talking about their psychological struggles in public has often been somewhat of a taboo topic whereas stories about drug abuse in all its forms are so common hardly anyone even raises an eyebrow.
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19 Anticipated Albums To Look Forward To In 2019

New favourites and beloved comebacks - The next twelve months will deliver plenty of musical highlights and we tell you right here what you should be excited about the most. And yes, that also includes a few delayed albums that were already part of our '2018 list' ...
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A Room Inside Your Brain: Catching Up With Fenster

Over the years it became a lovely tradition for NBHAP author Stefan to catch up with Berlin-based psychedelic pop outfit Fenster whenever they happen to visit his hometown Leipzig. This year they even played a release show there, supporting their brand new fourth full-length called 'The Room'. It's another great release from this still way too underrated band. Time to give them the attention they deserve.
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