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What’s the intention behind the music? Our ‘Stories’ section brings you interviews, features, personal opinions and columns about your favourite passion in the world.

A Gentle Start Into An Unusual Festival Season: Laura Carbone Curates Her Own “Cosmic Dreaming” Event

Beloved Berlin-based musician Laura Carbone got the chance to curate and organize a small festival at Festsaal Kreuzberg. From poetry readings to indie rock, Cosmic Dreaming rounds up a circle of local artists playing together for the first time. NBHAP author Liv Toerkell spoke to the musician before the show about the experience of organizing an event and returning to the stage.
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For Folk’s Sake: Hollow Coves Share Their Vision Of Experiencing “The Richness Of Life”

The Brisbane folk duo has come a long way from a low-key DIY project on Soundcloud to a must-know major act gathering large audiences from all around the globe, breathing new life into the challenged genre of smooth guitar folk. Following their recent “Blessings” EP, NBHAP author Andreas zoomed up the two to talk about keeping a positive mindset in pandemic times, songwriting challenges and how to avoid being tied to the indie folk closet.
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The Reality Of Hotel Surrender: Chet Faker On Finding That Flow And Lightness In Life

Sometimes, reality hits you hard. We are facing a new reality on a daily basis and not uncommonly, we struggle to navigate through it all. Looking for guidance. The reality of today can change in an instant. What felt real a moment ago, might only be a glimmer in the distant past seconds later. Change comes along. Inevitably. Therefore, also a new found need for being empathetic and patient with ourselves and the people around us. A detour to happiness? Surrender? Peace of mind as the ultimate goal? Acceptance is the key. Easier said than done, for sure. NBHAP author Annett Bonkowski asked an expert on that field for answers.
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Not Just An Attitude: Visiting Lea Porcelain At Their Home Studio In Berlin’s Funkhaus

Over the past years Lea Porcelain have become a constant musical force and personal favourite of NBHAP and with their recently released second album "Choirs To Heaven" they underline their status as one of Germany's most exciting musical exports. But what's so special about their music? NBHAP author and longtime fan of the duo, Natálie Zehnalova, went to explore the essence of the two musicians in their spiritual home in Berlin.
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