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A New Set Of Rules: An Interview With The 1975’s Matt Healy On Closing The Band’s First Chapter

Almost a decade after first arriving on our musical map the British pop heavyweights have finally released their fourth full-length. It became a wild ride, yet a very personal reflection on Matt Healy's twenties and maybe the middle of this lockdown is the perfect moment to talk about what appears to be the end of an era for the group. NBHAP head and longtime The 1975 fan Norman Fleischer spoke with the band leader about past, present and partly also future.
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Make It New: Scott Matthew On Reworking His Older Songs For ‘Adorned’

‘To Adorn’ means to make something more beautiful, to enhance, and to redecorate it. That is the title of Scott Matthew’s forthcoming record. On Adorned he takes the title literally and rearranges ten of his original tracks. The Australian singer and songwriter has been releasing music for more than a decade now and gained critical acclaim for his lyrics between personal and political and emotive vocals.
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Late Night Talks: Lucy Kruger On Sonic Witchery And Summertime Sadness

The middle of the night is a mystical time. It is somehow not really yesterday, not today anymore, and not tomorrow yet. In this vacuum, the way we view the world often changes to a more somber philosophical look on things. To break out of the dullness of press appointments, the singer Lucy Kruger opened up her home to NBHAP editor Liv Toerkell in our second segment of Late Night Talks.
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‘Just Sit And Breathe And Watch’: Novaa On Facing A Blank Page In Times Of Covid-19

Isolation is something we often seek to express ourselves creatively. But what happens to the creative mind when it is forced upon us? Beloved songwriter and producer Novaa shares her experience with having to face the blank page - musically and personally - in these uncertain times. After her acclaimed self-titled debut she now opens up about the struggles all of us are confronted with today and shares her advice on making the first brush stroke on the intimidating bare canvas.
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